Her family abeam. Betty and John drove from Philadelphia at Midnight, arriving at Saratoga Springs at 6 AM. They had little sleep, but looked great.  
  "...Folks often ask me if Iím a trustee because I want to ďgive back to the community.ĒThatís all backwards.Itís not an equation where IF I get success or affluence, THEN I can give.Not at all.I feel satisfaction when I see seniors getting needed services.I feel satisfaction when I work with professionals who deliver services.†† I feel satisfaction when I work with a board team to set an achievable vision.I give what I can as a trustee.But Iím the one who gets back the rewards of satisfaction, of learning, and of friendship.†† So the way I see the equation, Iím the lucky one." - Katie  
You go girl!  
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