"I am absolutely thrilled to be singled out for this award.†† Thank you NYAHSA for this honor.I also offer heartfelt thanks to my husband and family who drove long distances to be with me today.They have always been my examples and my support.


This occasion has made me ask myself ďWhy be a trustee? ĒMy answer is the people.As is true with most awards, Iím not really standing here by myself but on the shoulders of many others.As a trustee I get to work with extraordinary people from many fields: from investment banking, social work, education, real estate, marketing, religion.These are experts I wouldnít necessarily meet in the course of my banking jobs.


At Aging in America my fellow board members are always on hand with experience, humor and balance.Difficult personnel decisions?I can call on a management professional for advice and an investment banker for courage.Difficult financial negotiations?Call on a real estate developer.A full CEO search?Call on a lawyer, a publishing executive and a biologist and they all are there for every interview.My fellow trustees have always been there with total support.


Then thereís Aging in Americaís professional staff.What we trustees do part-time, they do as a career commitment.They are on the ground serving our aging clients and residents.They manage EVERYTHING, including, of course, the board.I take my hat off to the staff at Aging in America as well as to the professionals at other NYAHSA facilities.Your dedication gets my applause.†† In particular, Bill Smith our CEO makes my job easy.When the board sets a vision or direction, Bill can make it happen.He is a delight to work with.


Folks often ask me if Iím a trustee because I want to ďgive back to the community.ĒThatís all backwards.Itís not an equation where IF I get success or affluence, THEN I can give.Not at all.I feel satisfaction when I see seniors getting needed services.I feel satisfaction when I work with professionals who deliver services.†† I feel satisfaction when I work with a board team to set an achievable vision.I give what I can as a trustee.But Iím the one who gets back the rewards of satisfaction, of learning, and of friendship.†† So the way I see the equation, Iím the lucky one.†† Thank you."†

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