NEW YEAR'S EVE 1982/1983



It all started in October. Cynthia and I met for drinks at the Barclay and moaned over our severe cases of Anglophilia. Finally got over moping by discussing dazzling ideas for New Year's Eve. Their usual plans were off; what could we do? Wouldn't it be nice to go to the ballet? Yeah, but the only ballet at New Year's time is Nutcracker. Who needs that? Wouldn't it be nice if the Royal came at that time of year? No, they're in London over the holidays. Why couldn't we



December29, 1982


7:30 pm flight (Laker} with Cynthia and Chuck. CARE package of pate, crackers, cheese, and much Soave.


December 30


Train to Victoria. Cab to Park Court and triple room. Rush to Covent Garden for tickets: Man in front of us returns first tier box; do we wish it? Browse through bookstores: dance and prints Pub lunch. Meet Mummy and Daddy at Hotel Wilbraham. Dinner with all at Samuel Pepys. Stroll around St. Paul's.


December 31


Cynthia and I to Windsor. Train from Paddington. Castle. Stroll to Eton. Playing fields. Sunset by Thames with castle views. Home again. Sherry and cheese in room.

Royal Opera House Box 42. Frederick Ashton in audience. Champagne in the box in the interval Dressed to kill with cowbells in my pockets Dinner at Rules Trafalgar Square for midnight Terrifying crowds: drunken, no crowd control No clock. Grabbed first cab home -- the magic touch! Champagne in the room. Call Mummy and Daddy for New Year's wishes


January 1 1983


Lazy morning. Drive to Dover Watch hovercraft; just miss chance to have dinner in France Find old hotel in Canterbury Sherry and (world's worst} dinner at Abbots Barton Walk through town Cynthia and I dance the hora on the High Street More sherry to close evening.


January 2


Canterbury Cathedral. Fabulous Lunch at Morrelles. Drive to Tunbridge Wells. Dinner and drinks at Russell Hotel After dinner port Borrow glasses for champagne in the room


January 3


Drive to Gatwick and farewell

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