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  Rocks - Acrylic  
    Rocks - Acrylic  

Dawn Marsh - Acrylic 2014

  Russina Winter  

Russian Winter - Acrylic

  Woods1 Acrylic  
  Woods1 Acrylic 2014  
  Flying to Caribbean  

Flying to Caribbean - Oil


Two Trees Skaneateles Lake - Oil



  Winter Night Skaneateles Lake    
  Winter Night Skaneateles Lake - Oil    
  Winter Night Skanealteles Lake    

New Pine Tree Pine

New Tree - Acrylic


  Frndly Wave    


Frondly Wave - Acrylic

  Waving Trees    


Waving Trees - Acrylic


Fall Pond
Fall Pond - Acrylic


    Early Oil

First Oil Painting - 1984



La Playa

La Playa 1 - Acrylic

  Katie with Sweater - Oil  


Underoos is pop art in the most literal sense... 35,000,000 prints.
An early example of performance art in situ.

Here's a pretty good summary of Underoos history. - Larry

Underoos article


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