Weiss Farm Photos

Marv Weiss' Powerpoint Presentation on
the History of Weiss Farm

The Farm People

Solomon Weiss - Porch in Billerica
Samuel and Malke, early Anne & Phil- On the farm 30's
Samuel Weiss Portrait, Anne & Phil Wedding photo
Anne, Phil, Clara Cohen and First child On the farm 1938
Anne, Phil, Samuel, Lawrence in Dining Room
Phil, Axel by Dairy, '50s
Phil & Lawrence '40's
Philip Weiss '50's, 1965
Elliott, Sara Zita, Weiss children
Two families, original Weiss and Girls of Shawmut Street, Chelsea
Minnie, Phil, Anne, Rhonda, Laykie at Seder 1969 and Minnie and Elliott  1957
Phil & Anne, 1974, "My Way"
Pa late '30's
Moishe, Elliot, Lawrence '40s
Peter Rollins and Larry in Pete's boat
Texas Generation - Ethan Lilly
The Sherman Family
Lilly , Todd and Sarah, Ethan and Noah ( Great, Great, Great Grandsons of Solomon) - Dallas

The Farm

Original Barn, 1929, 1936
Field and Dairy 1936
Bill & Jerry & MC horsepower
Barn after fire of 1954
Barn after fire of 1954, more
Crowley, more fire
Flooded fields
Marvin's aerial views, 1968
Marvin's Honey From our Herd


Teachers at the East School Elementary School


Bubbie & Pa
Pa and girls and grandson
Etta, MInnie and Anne, 'teens