Which may I show you?    
    Norway 2008 Lofoton Islands across Arctic Circle by Kayak  

Croatia 2006 Dalmatian Coast by Sail and Kayak

    Galapagos Islands 2005  
    London 2004 Great Expectations for the Charringtons  
    Greece 2002 Kayaking in the Ionian Sea, following Odysseus  
    Alaska 2001 Kayaking through icebergs to glaciers with the seals and sea lions. Whales of whales.  
    A New York photo album 2000 The best shots are from our terrace  
    Solomon Islands/Fiji 2000 Kayaking and camping in the South Seas. Ruffty-tuffty and hotter than Hell. My kingdom for baby powder.  
    London 1999  
    Turkey 1998 Kayaking with a luxurious support yacht on Turkey's Turquois Coast.  
    Vietnam 1997 Kayaking with dragons in Halong Bay & Hanoi.  
    England 1996  
    Italy and Israel 1995 Around the world in 31 days and one suitcase.  
    Scotland 1993  
    Egypt 1992 Giza-gazing & chaos on the Nile. And, oh yes, that earthquake.  
    New Zealand and Australia1991 Upside down hiking & left-hand driving  
    Oxford and England 1991 Punting on the Thames with Jane Austen.  
    Antarctica 1989 New Year's at the Hot Springs at the very bottom. Even the penguins are in black tie.  
    Kenya and Tanzania 1986 Safari life & climbing one of the Seven Summits.  
    Bhutan 1985 Trek, trek, trek in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.  
    Scandinavia 1984  
    Paris 1984  
    France 1983  
    London New Years 1982-83 The trip where everything went right.  
    Nepal and Thailand 1982    
    England and Wales1981  
    England 1980  
    China 1979  
    Portugal 1978  
    Russia 1977  
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